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Fractal Mapper 9.0 - What's New?

As you'd expect, there's a lot of new features packed into this latest release. Take a look:

Fractal Mapper is now 64-bit!
Fractal Mapper 9.0 is now a native 64-bit application. This means the program can take better advantage of the RAM and speed of modern PC's.

New Tabbed Interface
You're no longer limited to working on one map at a time! This version of Fractal Mapper features a new tabbed interface, similar to web browsers and code editors. You can open more than one map at a time, and easily switch between them. You can even copy & paste between them!

New Mapping Symbols
We've created a great new set of fantasy world mapping symbols for this new release. In addition, the symbols from the Campaign World symbol pack are also included with the program for free. And Sci-Fi fans will be happy to see we've also added a great new set of Sci-Fi mapping symbols for starship deck plans!

Grid Mode
Fractal Mapper features several new drawing tools that let you easily 'paint' colors, patterns, and mapping symbols into grid cells. This is a great way to make quick hex maps for table-top games. In addition, you can now 'snap to' grids of any type, and even automatically 'snap to' the center of grid cells.

Improved drawing interface
We've improved the overall drawing interface to make it easier to select objects and nodes.

Fractal World Explorer v1.9
We didn't forget about Fractal World Explorer, the 3D world generator! FWE has an all-new interface for creating new maps, allowing you to see a preview of maps before you create them, this way you can get exactly the kind of world you are looking for.

Updated Globe Viewer
In addition to the FWE changes, we've also included a new Globe Viewer program that will work better with modern video cards.

Fractal Mapper Packages
This one is for content creators. Fractal Mapper 9 introduces Fractal Mapper Packages. Packages allow content creators to easily distribute new mapping symbol collections, scripts, program translations, templates, and samples. This reduces the complexity of installing content created by other Fractal Mapper users.

Many other improvements!
Nearly every aspect of the program was updated and improved. Map sizing, the Scenario Builder, the scripting interface,... almost every part of the program was examined and improved as we created this new version.

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