NBOS Character Sheet Designer

Create character sheets for any game!

The Character Sheet Designer has been depreciated. We will still make it available for download, but there will be no further updates. We would like to re-use this technology in the future, but we have no immediate plans to do so.

NBOS Character Sheet Designer 2.0 - Features

WYSIWYG Character Sheet Designer
Draw out your character sheets using the designer, placing text and form fields where you want them.

Character Sheet Viewer
Give the Character Sheet Viewer to your players so they can fill out and print their character sheets.

Editable Fields
Create interactive fields that can be filled out by your players. The Character Sheet Designer supports a number of different types of fields, including single and multiple line text entries, pick-lists, check boxes, buttons, and image selectors.

Automatic Calculations
Automatically update fields based on a value entered into another field.

JavaScript Support
You can use scripts written in JavaScript to model more complex game rules that cannot be expressed by a single calculation.

Multiple Pages
Character Sheets can have multiple pages, and fields from one page can be referenced by calculations on another page.

Character sheets can of course be printed for offline use.

Easy to maintain lists
Define lists of field entries, such as races, classes, and weapons, which can then be assigned to pick-list fields. You can also define more complex data tables which can be used in automatic calculations. For example, you can automatically fill out a weapon's damage when the weapon is selected in a pick-list.

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