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Treasure Tables Lev 1-20
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Date Added:
Treasure tables for levels 1-20 created. (add these to your table folders)
Treasure.ipt in common/srd edited. (rewrite old treasure.ipt)
weapons.ipt in common/srd created. (add to common/srd folder)

Summary of Changes:
*Functionality for levels 3-20 added. (levels 1 and 2 files were renamed)
*Magic Items now have minor/medium/major in perentheses when rolled
*Percentage corrected for level 2
*Art and gems are in italics for easier finding when multiple are listed under items
*Corrected Weapon/Armor Tables (based on SRD)
*Comments added to label different sections in table code (Treasure.ipt)
*Mundane Item table corrected

Comments (Future additions, notes, etc.):
*Magic Weapons/Armor weren't added because it is hard to select the magical properties without some logic (I didn't want Inspiration pad to roll a vorpal club [vorpal only being allowed on slashing weapons]).
*Since scrolls, Staffs, Wands, rings, and (I think) the Wondrous Items are listed, these could be added. I just haven't done this yet. I'll get around to it eventually.
*I have used this in one of the games I am DM-ing. It worked for me and my group.