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Inspiration Pad Pro 2.0 for Windows Mobile (BETA)
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Date Added:
------ Updated 12/16/07 ------
See below for compatibility info.

Changes in this update:
- Updated to include the IPad v2.0 language features.
- Added a 'refresh' button to refresh the list of generators. Closing the program in Windows Mobile usually hides the application and does not terminate it. Use the refresh button when you add new generators so that the app doesn't have to be restarted.
- You no longer need to press the X button twice to hide the program.
- Generators are now stored in the Generators directory.

- Prompts are ignored, so adjust generators accordingly.
- IPad Mobile outputs its results in Text, not in HTML. Use the {$formatting} and {$os} variables to adjust output in your generators to different platforms.
- All generators need to be placed into the \Generators\ directory, under where the IPadCE.exe is located. Multiple directories (as in the Windows version) are not supported - all generators must be in the one directory.

To install, unzip on your desktop PC and copy the files over to your PDA.

--------- 10/30/06 ----------

This is an Inspiration Pad Pro build for Windows Mobile.

This build requries a PDA featuring an ARM based processor (ie, Intel XScale). The following WinCE versions are supported:

- Pocket PC 2002 / WinCE version: 3.0
- Pocket PC 2003 / WinCE version: 4.20
- Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition / WinCE version: 4.21
- Windows Mobile 5.0 / WinCE version: 5.0

(later versions will also likely function, as may many smart phones running one of the above platforms)

This isnt even a 'beta'. Its probably better classified as 'experimental'.

This build is very limited:
- It only runs exported, self-contained tables (place the tables into the directory where the IpadCE.exe file is located).
- There's no functionality past rolling on the table (ie, print, copy, paste, etc).
- There's no HTML support. Results are text only.

Program notes:
- To close the program, you need to click the close button (X) twice. The reason for this is unknown.

To install, unzip the file into an empty directory on your PC, and then copy the files into an empty directory on your PDA (ie, on your storage card if you have one).