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Released: Complete free Dundjinni Archives for FM8
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The Vintyri™ Project is happy to announce the release of the free, second and final volume of the Dundjinni™ Archives for Fractal Mapper 8. The collection is available at no cost for personal and commercial use. This release follows the recent Volumes 1 for overland mapping and Volume 3 for modern and science fiction mapping.

The archives, a product of Dundjinni™ users, is first and foremost useful for dungeon and battlemaps and for city and village cartography. The complete download package has a size of 2.18 GB. However, the download is divided into four ZIP files for the benefit of those users who have less than ideal Internet service.

Volume 2 of the Dundjinni Archives is a raster graphics add-on for FM8. It includes:

-- 475 new fill styles.
-- 10,430 new symbols.

The sample battlemap above gives you a very tiny idea of the kind of maps that you can make with this add-on. All of the fill styles and symbols in this battlemap are from Volume 2. The battlemap shows a troll and orcs breaking through the wall of a subterranean dwarven forge and attacking it.

This is – for the time being – the last of a series of new products and Dundjinni conversions from the Vintyri Project. I say "the last," because we have nothing more to convert at present, but some future new products are in the planning.

For more information on and the download of the Dundjinni Archives for FM8 to, go to:


Our previous releases for FM8, all free and available for personal and commercial use, include:

-- The Vintyri Cartographic Collection: A large collection of fill patterns and symbols created mainly for maps of cities and villages. The collection includes some 1,000 raster symbols of buildings based on true prototypes of historical European buildings from medieval times.

-- Bogie's Mapping Objects. Another large collection of raster fill patterns and symbols from Bogie, one of the best known master mappers at the Cartographers Guild and the Dundjinni forums.

-- The CSUAC. The prequel to the Dundjinni Archives. The CSUAC is a collection of the mapping art created for and offered on the Dundjinni forums from 2004 to 2008. The Dundjinni Archives are a continuation of the CSUAC from 2008 to the present.

For more information on and the download of these free products for FM8 to, go to:


The Vintyri Project is a non-profit organization. We sell nothing. We neither solicit nor accept donations. We do no kickstarters. Everything that we offer is free. Products of our own creation are offered on an open gaming, open source basis. The Dundjinni conversions described above are available free for personal and commercial use under an End User License Agreement (EULA).

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri Project