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Traveller UWP Generator v0.3
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Thom Thetford
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Date Added:
Uploaded by Brad Fletcher, created by Jay Gorell. Updated by Thom Thetford

Updated Mongoose Traveller UWP Generator for AS3. Mongoose Traveller Core Rulebook copyright 2008, updated 12/15/2015.

Warning: Might over write any GM_Notes!!! (Added choice to replace or add to GM_Notes)

I downloaded this script years ago and finally have gotten around to updating it with Mongoose Traveller, and a few updates. Loved the script and the idea of making a Traveller UWP for my subsectors.
Over all you will get a UWP text that looks like: “Bordirrarik {10.11.2} B420225-E N--TC- De Ht Lo Po”

1) I have added a function to convert integers to Traveler’s hex values. This allows me to use the integers for additional selections and then convert to the UWP value before adding to the string.
2) Modified the Atmosphere to allow for an atmospheric taint, on 6+. This will affect the atmospheres below the 10 range, then if 2D-7+Size sets a higher atmosphere value, uses that. This allow for the possibility of non-water fluid oceans for tainted or exotic atmospheres.
3) Government and Law Levels had the possibility of having a negative value, placed error trapping to force those values to zero.
4) Updated the bases to allow for Naval, Scout, Research, TAS, Consulate and Pirate bases, per Mongoose Traveller. Also set the bases to populate by position, in other words using this template “NSRTICP” and dashes if that base is not placed. For a Naval and TAS base only the output will be “N—T---“.
5) Added additional Trade Classifications in the Mongoose Traveller.
6) Added additional function for 1D to add to the 2D function.
7) Added a “ModifySystem” function call to let AS3 know that this system has been changed and will be saved.

Update: For v0.3 added a decision to ask user if they want to replace the GM Notes or add the new UWP to the beginning of the GM Notes, saving them.