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Fractal Mapper 8.10g Update
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Date Added:
This is a general update to Fractal Mapper 8.0. The main reason for this update is to prepare FM for Windows 10, specifically to replace the sliders used by the program's interface with sliders that displayed better in Windows 10's interface theme.

Changes in this update:

[CHANGED] Replaced existing sliders (for effects, transparency, etc) with new ones that display better on Win 10 & 8
[ADDED] Fill patterns with transparency are now supported.
[FIXED] The brightness setting for pattern fills was not being applied to hallways or text.
[CHANGED] Migrated to a new Auto-Updater system

This is an updater program that will install the new and changed files. To use, download this file and run it. If you have just installed Fractal Mapper for the first time, run it first before running this updater so that it can report its location to Windows.

This program will not be functional if you don't already have the full commercial version of Fractal Mapper 8.0. It requires licensing information that is included in the full commercial version's installer.