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Jörðgarð Map No. 499 - Timberthorp
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Joerdhgardh Map No. 499 is from the forthcoming Joerdhgardh Trails adventure Trailsend. After the PCs leave the evilly-aligned, snowy village of Darkmill and the ruins of a small settlement they finally reach the friendly village of Timberthorp.

The map is available in two versions:

1. As a JPG flat map of 3000 x 1500 Pixels, 1.1 MB, available in FM9 quality beow.

2. Fully editable in the FMP format of both FM8 (34) MB and FM9 (36 MB), here:


Key to the Map

1. Crimson Garrison. Abandonded.

2. Erla's Garden. Erla, the human female merchant, who owns the house and rentals on the west side of the garden, raises her own root crops and summer vegetables on this plot.

3. Erla's Rentals. Erla, a human female merchant, lives on the ground floor of this three-story house. The second and third stories each are divided into two apartments that house local laborers. Most of the cellar serves as storage for root crops.

4. Dragonblood Inn. The inn is owned by the human female merchant Thorbjoerg, who makes no secret of her being a member of the resistance or of bein its leading local figure in Timbertown.
5. Thorbjoerg's Field. During the warm months, Thorbjoerg and her sister grow root crops and other vegetables here. Those that are suitable for storage are kept in the inn's cellar in the cold months. The sisters do not sell any of their harvest. All that they grow here they eat themselves or use in the inn's kitchen.

6. Aevarr's Smithy. Aevarr, a human male artisan, is a master blacksmith..

7. Hjalti's Sawmill. The sawmill is an industrial level operation that transports high quality Myrkwood lumber to all parts of the Dreadlands.

8. The Timber River.

9. Laborer Housing.

10. Marketplace.

11. Marja's Supplies, a complex of several buildings:

a. Main Building.

b. Storage Shed for non-perishable goods.

c. Pig Barn.

d. Woodsheds (2).

e. Bakery.

f. Wood-Burning Baking Ovens.

g. Butcher Shop and Small Slaughterhouse.

12. Kristjan's Carpentry. Master sawyer Kristjan, a 42-year-old human male artisan, owns and operates the largest carpentry shop in the Dreadlands.

13. Hjalti's Garden.
14. Raft Docks.

Both versions of the map are released for free personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardhwebsite at:


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