Real-Time Virtual Table Top

Across the table... or across the world!

Skwyre - Real-Time Virtual Table Top


Download the Preview Edition of Skwyre and get gaming!

Before you download
This is a Preview Edition, and should be considered beta testing software. The purpose of this Preview Edition is to test out that the basics of the platform are working correctly.

  • You may encounter bugs, strange behaviors, and/or server outages
  • This preview edition only contains minimal low quality graphics resources for minis and backgrounds (though you can upload your own)
  • This preview edition may not be compatible with the final release

Download Links

Windows 64-bit
Windows Installer, digitally signed

OSX 64-bit
DMG File. Mount the DMG file to install application

Linux 64-bit (DEB)
DEB Package for Ubuntu/Mint/Debian

.APK file, you'll need to enable non-Google Play apps

iOS (eventually)
iOS version to be available for final release (iOS has no simple way to distribute beta software outside their store)