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NBOS Software

The Keep v2.0

Organizing game notes has never been this easy!

The Keep v2.0

Finally there's a personal information manager designed specifically for gamers... The Keep v2.0 from NBOS Software. Use The Keep to organize and track all your gaming information. Use it for your campaign notes, campaign logs, maps, handouts,... all the information you need to track for a successful campaign!

The Keep is the perfect tool for Game Masters and Players alike! Quickly access and organize your campaign information - scenarios, creatures, maps, treasure, and more. Players can use it to keep track of all their characters, notes, henchmen, magic items, spells, and strongholds. Have more than one campaign? Not a problem! Use The Keep to organize any number of campaigns.

Key Features:
  • Organize your campaign information into intuitive folders
  • Track notes, maps, images, character sheets, handouts, and PDFs
  • Easy to use, tabbed based interface
  • Integrated word processor with spell checker
  • Fractal Mapper integration
  • Built-in Dice Roller
  • Inspiration Pad Pro integration for random names and encounters
  • Revision Tracking and Automatic Backups
  • Print a single document from your notes, maps, images, and character sheets
  • Create eBooks from your database
  • Game-system independent
  • Expandable using HTML based plugins
  • Can be run from Dropbox and Google Drive folders, or from USB Flash drives and other removable drives
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