ScreenMonkey Lite

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ScreenMonkey Lite 1.8 - Features

Comprehensive Feature List:
  • Only the GM needs the program. Players only use a web browser! Players connect to the ScreenMonkey program from any modern web browser from all popular operating systems. No need to install Java or other application software on players' systems!
  • Your players don't need to purchase anything extra. They just use the web browser they have now!
  • Shared game map. The GM and players can place and move miniatures on the map.
  • Integrated chat system featuring dice rolling, whispering to other players, archives, and clipboard features.

    GM's interface
  • AJAX-style web interface, featuring:
    • Scrollable Map display
    • Map zooming (IE Only)
    • Full session history for chat, and access to archives.
    • Resizable and collapsable panels to maximize your screen.
    • Add and remove customized chat buttons
    • A truly dynamic web based interface that works like an application!
  • Overlay square, hex, or offset square grids on the map.
  • Multiple Monitor Support. Use ScreenMonkey at the game table and project the player map onto a second monitor!
  • Base HTML files for the Player interface are easily customizable.
  • GM's can hide the portions of the map that aren't visible to the players.
  • Easily track hit points for each miniature.
  • Integrated announcement system. Game announcements can be made from the ScreenMonkey program to NBOS's web site, via email, or by user-defined web site urls.
  • Automatic router configuration for routers that support Universal Plug & Play.

  • Players use only a web browser!
  • Option to predefine player login names and passwords.
  • Map annotation capability for showing the unfortunate players where the NPC's Fireball went off. or where the Lightning Bolt went, or where the Wall of Ice was placed,...
  • Facing and Looking arrows can be assigned to each miniature on the map.
  • Built-in Scenario and Encounter system to allow the GM to pre-set the game map for expected encounter locales.

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